Beginning With The End In Mind

Some people say it’s wiser to know where you want to be and work your way towards that goal than making it up as you go along and just see where the wind will take you.

My teacher said, make your mistakes in school because once you’re out in the corporate world, you will be known by your mistakes. Therefore, I want to change my bad habits now that I’m in the corporate world.

I’ve listed at least 3 feedbacks I want my employer to give about me:

  1. Always on time.
  2. Results/Goal Oriented (Gets things done)
  3. Dependable

Additionally, I’ve discovered a better way of looking at my job or even challenges…

Being a gamer, I’ve played a lot of RPGs that are all about missions. I’ve managed to see tasks given to me by my boss as missions (like the ones Zack Fair had in Crisis Core). For example, the Blogger’s Fest which my boss sent me to is very much like a mission where:

1st: Infiltrate the base and trigger the alert (Get myself into the convention and expose the companies I was representing).

2nd: Set up (the booth at a prime location where I can get as much exposure).

3rd: Collect/hunt as many bloggers as I can (to tie up with us).

4th: When I’ve collected enough bloggers, I must talk to the boss and invite him to tie up with us as well (after enough hunting/collecting, the boss will appear).

5th: Finish editing ForMe images

btw… I know the mission thing is weird but it works for me, ok???? XD and umm… it’s nothing bad, don’t take it the wrong way. Anyway, you guys are cool.

After accomplishing each mission, I felt that happiness and sense of fulfillment by knowing that I’ve accomplished my missions (and didn’t miss any) and deserve a worry-free rest.

It’s much more fun to accomplish each task and have an imaginary “Mission Accomplished” sign and a fanfare tune in your head. XD Much more motivating than feeling like what you’re doing is pointless.


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