Dollface Cosmetics: Vanity Palette Review

A few months ago, I ordered the Vanity Palette from Dollface Cosmetic’s website and posted my Dollface Cosmetics: Vanity Palette Box Opening entry where I promised a review about it. I’ve been testing the product since I opened the box which led me to confirm some theories I had before I purchased it.

I decided to create a look since that’s the purpose of eyeshadows rather than testing it on my hand. Additionally, the skin on my hand isn’t the same as the skin around my eyes.


To start, I used a cream eye color base to make the eyeshadow powder last longer and to make it more vivid. Eyshadow bases are the colors closest to your eyelid’s natural color.

(1) The first color I used is a shimmery sunshine color which I placed in the inner corner of my eyelids.
(2) The second color I used is a shimmery bronze on the highest part of my eyelid (right on the ball).
(3) For the third color, I used a mixture of a dark matte brown mixed with matte black. I spreaded this on the edges of my eyes and halfway through the crease.
(4 ) The last color I applied is a white eyeshadow for the browbone.

Afterwards I added a brown liquid eyeliner and a black mascara.

The result look great!

So after using the Dollface Vanity Pallette here are the pros and cons:

– Affordable price.
– Perfect for beginners practicing color combinations and application.
– The Vanity Palette has an extra white eyeshadow the size of a 5 peso coin at the bottom row. I use white eyeshadow on my browbones with every look and I’ll most likely use this color the most.
– Versatile collection of colors for almost any look. The Vanity Palette has a set of neutral, pastel and vivid colors.
– Shimmery and matte textures on almost any color. To allow more depth to my your eye make-up, some areas need shimmery textures while others need matte.
– Safe to use. I didn’t get any allergies or itch.

– Tendency to look sallow (sometimes this depends on the lighting).
– Has a tendency to abrade/break easily

To make your Dollface Cosmetics eyeshadows more vivid on your lids, I recommend the following:

– Use synthetic fibre brushes since natural brushes tend to absorb more of the makeup before it reaches your skin. I tried applying Dollface’s eyeshadow using natural brushes but the color don’t seem too visible compared to when I use synthetic fibre brushes.

– Use a cream base to keep the powder from falling off or being swept off during application.

Dollface Cosmetics  is a make-up brand based in Cebu. It used to be only available via its online store and distributors. However, with the success of the brand since 2008, Dollface Cosmetics has become available at Crossings, Glorietta and Pure Beauty, Serendra.

Until the next post,


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