[ About Monika ]

Season: Deep Winter
Skin: Neutral Olive (Combination skin)

Eyes: Deep-set dark brown
Face: heart-shaped
Clothing: Romantic
Hair: Ebony
Blood type: A

Monika started designing websites at the early age of 11. Having the desire to recreate beautiful, informative and user-friendly websites she sees online, she took up HTML classes at Genetics and started publishing websites at the age of 12. Her passion for webdesign fueled her to learn more about computers thus, she became the president of her high school’s computer club during her junior year in high school. During college she entered DLSU as a student of Computer Science but later on she shifted to Business Management. Her background in business helps her understand the demands of clients while her extensive experience and connections in IT lets her execute those ideas.

Her skill in graphic arts developed when she joined DLSU’s official newspaper, The Lasallian, as an artist where she made comic strips, editorial cartoons, layouts, posters, etc.

Later on in her graphic design experience, Monika has experienced being a game artist for DLSU Game Development Laboratory’s facebook game Plutopia.

Monika is now pursuing a different field which is makeup and fashion. But she will still keep her passion for webdesign. Watch her as she pursues new worlds at http://youtube.com/akinomagetro and http://youtube.com/lookbook.nu




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