theultimatehighfashionblog: Hailey Clauson by Miguel Reveriego for Vogue Russia August 2011 Want to wear printed stockings? Try pairing it with a solid top/bottom unless you’re trying print on print style. 😀

Black shoes go well with anything. ^_^

vogue: Missoni Resort 2012 Photo: Courtesy of Missoni Visit for the full collection and review. Avoid showing too much skin or you’ll look like a hooker. Balance an exposing top by covering up your legs with stockings, tights or by wearing jeans. If you’d rather expose your legs, make sure your top doesn’t show … Continue reading

vogue: Nina Ricci Resort 2012 Photo: Courtesy of Nina Ricci Visit for the full collection and review.

How do you apply an eyeshadow? The lightest colour goes on the inner corner of your eyes. The midtone colour at the center of your eyelids and the darkest color goes at the edges and the crease. The idea is to create a gradient of colour on your lids. :3

Nude eye make-up + nude lips = divine

thehausmaid: I wish I could do my makeup that well. I can never get my black eyeshadow dark and crisp enough. It’s rare that dark eye makeup / dark lips combination works. The make-up artist is really talented.