Life is much more fun when it’s simpler – like when we were still children and all the problems we had were memorizing the order of the color wheel or waking up early to school. Who says the fishermen and farmers are not happy? They have more time to enjoy life much more than busy … Continue reading

BJD: Which girl is the best?

I have plans to buy another female doll. Now that I have a sweet-looking girl (Madolin), I’m looking for a vixen type. For a while, I’ve favored SOOM’s Gena (Cream White) over SOOM’s Romantic Dillui but now I have two more to choose from. Please help me decide on which girl has the best face … Continue reading


Hai, m testing 😀

Protected: Mafia Wars GF Points and Stuff

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Modified Email From Ingrid Newkirk

There’s a shocking military scandal that you may not know about: the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is directly responsible for the extreme suffering of countless goats, pigs, monkeys, and other animals. Every year, thousands of live animals are shot, stabbed, dismembered, burned, and poisoned in routine trauma-training exercises under the misguided notion that such … Continue reading

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