‘Printcesse Naturelles’ by Angela Marklew for WTU Magazine

wetheurban: Photographer: Angela Marklew Model: Jessica Strother Website: http://www.wetheurban.com/magazine Another beautiful editorial from The POWER Issue shot by Angela Marklew. One of our favorite shoots in the whole magazine! More after the jump: Read More Advertisements

Castiel is so cute.

>:| ANG INGAAAAYYY!!!! Kung hindi sasakyan sa labas, aso, kung di aso, buzzer, kung di buzzer, mga katulong… di ako maka-record ng maayoooos!!! >_< I want to finish this naaaaaaa!!! Matutulog ako ng maaga!!!

Creative Hotels

rootedinvanity: everyherphasitsderp: Floating Hotel in Sweden Sand Hotel in United Kingdom Jungle Hotel in Mexico Ice Hotel in Canada Capsule Hotel in Japan Survival Pod Hotel in Netherlands Cave Hotel in Turkey Airplane Hotel in Sweden Treehouse Hotel in India Prison Hotel in Germany Underwater Hotel in Fiji Drainpipe Hotel in Austria I now want … Continue reading


timidlass: if pokemon were real.. OMG. ❤ so full of win awesome Omg so cute! And there’s vulpix! My fave pokemon! <333 awesome!


I wonder… pag nagsasabihan na ba kayo ng I love you… kayo na ba or parang kayo pa ren? o.O


‎3 years old – “mommy, i love you”13 years old – “WHATEVER MOM !”16 years old – “Mom is so damn annoying”18 years old – “i wanna leave this house!”25 years old – “Mom, you were right”30 years old – “i wanna be with my mom again”50 years old – “i dont want to lose my … Continue reading

If you love your mom. Repost this. One girl didn’t and her mom died 4 days later.

deepfriedjupiter: yougotmefallinginlessthanthree: thenthecoldcame: caffeineandcarpaltunnel: misstorres: gerlonso: neuerland: -iknowyougetme: not risking it ^ My mom’s awesome. my mom’s the best MY MOM’S BETTER THAN THE BEST. Reblog!!:) I love mom

He held my hand last night and I loved it. I enjoyed every second of it but it also made me nervous. I wanted to make it last longer but I couldn’t contain the pressure… my heart was saying “Finally…” and my mind was saying something along the lines of “DO SOMETHING!!!!” >_< I regret … Continue reading

It’s been days since we last talked in length. How very unfortunate that something always hinders our talk. I know we’re both trying to rest our sickness away but lying down without anything to do only reminds me that I miss talking to you. 😦 I want to text you but I don’t want to … Continue reading