Nude eye make-up + nude lips = divine Advertisements

thehausmaid: I wish I could do my makeup that well. I can never get my black eyeshadow dark and crisp enough. It’s rare that dark eye makeup / dark lips combination works. The make-up artist is really talented.

Balance is the key to a good style. Balance the light and dark elements in your style. Pair extremely light tops with dark vivid bottoms or a loose top with a form-fitting bottom. 🙂

spinningbirdkick: Miguel Reveriego / Vogue Russia August 2011. Pencil skirts are also a fashion staple. When paired with a loose top, a pencil skirt will balance the whole look by giving it a form-fitted silhouette at the lower half of the body. Having a black, white, brown pencil skirt is a must. Greys and navy blue pencil … Continue reading

Denim skirts and shorts are fashion staples. They go well with almost any top and adds a casual feel to any look no matter what the trend is. 🙂 Have a denim skirt and short in white, light wash and dark wash.

vogue: Dakota and Elle Fanning Photographed by Craig McDean for the August Issue of Vogue

I LOVE her bedroom!

Fashion Ate the World: SM Accessories’ New Collection and Promo

Fashion Ate the World: SM Accessories’ New Collection and Promo tiniglesias: SM Accessories‘ newest collection for quarter 3 is already up. I’m totally lusting over practically everything! I can’t wait to visit SM Department Store again. 🙂 Make your style stand out with these City Safari-inspired accessories: Since, Ladies’ month is near…

leilockheart: CLICK HERE for more yummy food photos OMG MILK TEAS!!!!! GRAAAAAARGH!!